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Evaluation version for "Base Deployment Engine " available?

It's really quite simple. In order to just RUN a sequence, all that is required is the deployment license. It's available on the TestStand web page. You use the build tool and install the TestStand components on the other pc. If your colleagues intend to edit the sequence, you would then install either a debug or development license. Eventually, you will need a base license anyway so go ahead and purchase it now. It really is a simple decision in my opinion.
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Ok, but the collegues dont want to RUN the sequence. They just need to compile my part of sourcecode that contains calls to the NI-API.

They are using another API (not NI) for testing.

So they just install the teststand-CD (that was delivered with my development-licence) and dont need a licence, correct?


When they are finished with coding and the OPUI is finishes then the end-user needs a "Base Deployment licence" for using our OPUI that contains the NI-API calls.

The question that still exists is: Will it work with "only" the base-deployment-licence as there is no evaluation-version for this AND there is no list which tells us which API calls a working with the base-deployment-licence.

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The only thing that I'm not certain of is whether or not they can compile your part of the sourcecode without a license.  I'm almost positive it should work but you'll have to try it.  Initially they will have a 30 day evaluation so for 30 days they will be fine.


Everything else you stated is accurate.


To answer your question:  the only way I've successfully known whether or not I needed a deployment license is to test it out.  The only times I have needed the dev is when my code is modifying or saving the disk copy of the sequence file, which you should not be doing with your UI anyway.


At one point I had the bright idea to store my limits in the sequence file as variables and then just create a dialog the user could bring up to edit the limits.  Unfortunately this did not work with the deployment license.... 🙂  Lesson Learned!


Other than that I have never had an issue with just the deployment license.


Hope this helps,

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Ok, we will go this way.


Then there is another question... If everything will work as we think that one day our custom OPUI is finished and should be delievered to a customer...

Then the customer also has also to install the complete teststand-cd (because our OPUI references to the API-dlls) and enter his deployment-licence.

Is there a installation-method to just install the api-stuff and not the normal Testand-editor?

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You can choose to not install features such as the Sequence Editor during the install. You can also create a TestStand Deployment installer that only includes the components you need to simplify the process for your customers.

Daniel E.
TestStand Staff Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
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