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Delete FileGlobal variable from all the sequence files opened

I wish to delete a FileGlobal variable through TestStand from all the sequences which are opened or from all the sequence files which are present under project or workspace. I don't want to open each file and then delete that variable from there. Do we have anyway of deleting that FileGlobal variable from all sequence files on few clicks.

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Hi rtingase,


If you mean from the Variables window (FileGlobals), so you can choose the first variable and pressing the Shift button to choose the last one, then press/choose to delete. With this action, the whole Global variables will be deleted from all sequences.




Best Regards,

Edgar Umrikyan.

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I don't want to delete all the FileGlobal variables.

I want to delete single FileGlobal variable (eg- FileGlobals.EngineHours) from multiple sequences which are opened in TestStand.

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You need to perform it manually for every sequence.

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Here is a sequence file that shows how to create a fileglobal on the fly (in this case a boolean), as well as delete it.


create "test" fileglobal:

Locals.TemporaryObjectReference = RunState.Engine.NewPropertyObject(PropValType_Boolean,False,"",0), //Create new property Object
Locals.TemporaryObjectReference.AsPropertyObject.Name = "test",
FileGlobals.InsertSubProperty("",0,0,Locals.TemporaryObjectReference) // Insert property into station globals


delete "test" fileglobal



Hope this helps...

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If I use this way, then I need to go in each sequence file and run these steps to delete variable. If I have 100 files with variable, then repetition of these steps will be time consuming.


Anyways, Thanks for your reply!

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Use this VI over each SequenceFile with appropriate FileGlobal value (without the FileGlobals. prefix)

Soliton Technologies

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I could not open this VI because I am using LabVIEW 2017.

I think this VI is made in newer version.

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Hey rtingase,


Please find the VI in attachment, I saved it based for LabView 2017.

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