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Debug Deployed Test Stand On Remote Fully License Computer

Hello! Hope you are doing well! 


I am having some trouble and would really appreciate some clarification/advice. 


I currently have computer1 set up with a deploy NI TestStand license running, this obviously means computer1 has limited debugging capability. 


Meanwhile I also have computer2 with a full TestStand development license on it, I was wondering if it was possible to debug the test sequence on computer1 with my full development license on computer2 so I have full editing and debugging capability. I assume this would be some sort of remote debugging, but I am having troubling implementing it. 


Thank you for your time! 


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Temporarily move your license to computer 1.  NI licenses can move from PC to PC with no penalty.  You just have to claim that it is only active on 1 pc at a time.

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That is possibly a solution but in the end computer1 is going to be an ocean away at a vendor and will not be on the same network, I believe (not positive) the license on computer2 can only be accessed if you are on the correct network. 


Do you think I will have a problem switching the license in this situation? 

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It still shouldn't matter.  Are these single seat or through a VLA/EA?  If they are through a VLA/EA you can just ask your admin for a disconnected license and then when you are done with it tell him to release it on the server.  If they are just single seat then it is way easy as you just apply the serial numbers on the right computers.  You can even use to get disconnected licenses if needed.

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