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Count Pass/Fail Step



in my sequence i need to know how many steps are failed over over the wall number of Test Steps. So, if the step is Pass/Fail Test, Numeric Limit Test, Multiple Numeric Limit Test or String value Test and its failed I need to increase a counter. Obviously independently from the adapters used for the step. I have thought two ways but I can make the last step to finish one or another:

  1. Use the SequenceFilePostStepFailure callback but I can’t get access to the particular type of the step which is finished before it, so in the final count there were also the failed associated to SequenCall
  2. At the end of the sequence I iterate on the array RunState.SequenceFile.Data.Seq and inside this loop I need to iterate over the ResultList array to search the Type of each step but this give me an error and I don’t know how to access to this property correctly.

So anyone have any ideas to help me?


Thank you for your attention and thank you for reading this post!


Best Regards,


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I would go with option 1:


Use the expression:  TypeOf(Parameters.Step)  in the SequenceFilePostStepFailure callback.  This will return a string (PassFail or NumericLimit) that describes the step type and then you can filter out SequenceCall steps from your Failure Count.


It sounds like you have the counting down but you could just use a FileGlobal in the callback to keep track of the total # of failed steps.  



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