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Checkbox to enable/disable report generation in Teststand

Just because this thread is closed:


I try to solve this problem in a new thread:


Add a Tab on a custom step type (e.g. duplicated a numeric limit test) with substep to enable / disable a record in report.

Respective to force it.


My attempt:


Types: MyTypes.ini --> Copy (e.g. Numeric Limit) in it--> Properties --> Edit Substeps

--> Add.. C/C++ DLL Call (Edit) --> then i tried the EditPassFailStep of the "CommonSubsteps.dll"


But dont work... :smileysad:, does not know how to use it neither i dont know whether its the right dll to touch...


Does anyone have a example solution for this problem?

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Hi foxx,


Can you explain the exact problem you're experiencing?


  • How would you like the edit substep to work? 
  • What are you trying to call from CommonSubsteps.dll?
  • Are you experiencing errors? If so, which errors do you see?


Please give us as much detail about what you want to do, so we can better help you.



Daniel Dorroh
National Instruments
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Hi d-cubed,


i dont know how to do it.


As you are a NI engineer you can read the belonging service request: 7410380


But this:


also does not resume





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Hi, foxx


I apologize for the long delay. However, after reading through the translated service request notes for 7410380, it is not clear to me what your goals are. Can you please explain in detail the functionality you require?


Thank you,

Daniel Dorroh
National Instruments
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