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Can you detect a run-time error from a VI with no error cluster?

I noticed that a TestStand step that runs a VI shows an error status or message only when the VI has a properly wired output error cluster that keeps the error information. 


If you run the VI in LabVIEW, you can still see an error message popup, even if there is no error cluster in the VI.


Is there any way to detect an error from a VI that does not have an output error cluster in a TestStand sequence run?


Thanks in advance for any input.

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Hi pomirobotics,


LabVIEW errors must be explicitly communicated as module parameters in order for TestStand to be aware of them. It is recommended to use the standard LabVIEW error cluster, as TestStand automatically detects it and maps the output to Step.Result.Error. If you are working with a VI that does not use the standard error cluster, you can define your own error code:


Kristen M

Automated Test Product Marketing Engineer
National Instruments
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Hi Kristen,

I have VI which is using Error Cluster and working.


I have to move to LabView Run Time environment for deployment at customer site and am converting Vi into Shared DLL.Can you please help me how to convert this ?


I am using 2013 SP1 for both Labview and Labview RTE.


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