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Keep Offline Results Processing Utility in tray and prevent splash screen to show up


I am trying to use command prompt with the Offline Results Processing Utility (TestStand 2016). My goal is to control it programmatically
while it stays hidden.

I have two things bugging me :

1) Is there a flag that prevents the TestStand splash screen to show up?

I have read this post, where they said a request was filed for it, but I haven't seen this option anywhere.


2) The utility keeps popping back up even if I'm using the /tray flag. Example : 
- I use OfflineResultsProcessingUtility.exe /tray. The utility starts and is in the tray
- I use OfflineResultsProcessingUtility.exe /process-all-profiles or OfflineResultsProcessingUtility.exe /tray /process-all-profiles. The utility pops up.
Is there a way to prevent it from doing that?




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Hello, sleb


Ok this is kind of tricky there is a lot of functionality that can do but by this actual date, there is no direct command from the API that actually can handle the functionality of the pop-up Window. I am really sorry about this, but on the bright side this request is open and the R&D is currently working on this feature. 


I hope this information help you.


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