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Automatically remove unused variables


I have a very chaotic TestStand sequence file, which was built not from the zero, but from another sequence file.
Therefore many unnecessary steps were deleted from it.

Unfortunately there are lots of unnecessary variables too which were belongs to the deleted test steps.

Is there any tools what I can use for automatically detect all of the variables which are no more necessary, do not use by any test step?



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You didn't mention what version of TestStand you are using. If you have your sequence loaded in the sequence editor you can run the analyze sequence. The button looks like a side view of a microscope. This should give you the unused variables if your version is new enough.


Hope this helps.

Now Using LabVIEW 2019SP1 and TestStand 2019
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Hi - One thing to double check is that since you can access TestStand's memory space from a code module via a sequencecontext reference, the TestStand analyze won't be able to catch for that (it only looks at the sequence not inside dll and vi etc being called, so it's worth double checking where you have code (where you can access the source) to see that nothing is required in that case too.
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never mind other replies already answered.

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