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Announcing TestStand 2021



TestStand 2021 is out now and available for download.


The exciting release of TestStand 2021 includes an overhaul of the Sweep Loop Step.


Key updates include:


TestStand Sweep Loop Step Improvements


  • Create nested and parallel sweeps of parameters by changing the level of one or more parameters in a Sweep Loop step.





  • TestStand automatically creates a variable when you specify a parameter name.





  • Choose between Static and Dynamic mode to specify whether values for a Strategy are specified using constants or expressions.





  • Use the Table View to interact with values and test vectors resulting from a sweep across selected parameters at edit time and run time. Functionality includes the ability to enable or disable, filter, and export test vectors.



  • At execution time, the Table View displays captured data as well as the parameters in the Sweep Loop step.
  • Import and export parameter and test vector data to or from a CSV file.





For additional information view the ReadMe.

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Excited for the sweep loop feature!

Soliton Technologies

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