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Support for Visual Studio 2017

Let's go directly to the newest version.. Here is a preview:


VC2017 is propably released when we get Measurement Studio 2017.. (Hopefully 2017.. ;-))


I have talked about this on the forums in the past, but I would like to second this!  Yes you can manually integrate, but it is messy and quite buggy.  Is having Measurement Studio used by Visual Studio users a priority to NI?  I would think the market for this could be large with the popularity of WPF.  Other small outfits have full integration almost before a new VS version is released.  It has been several years without proper VS integration now.


It would also be nice to integrate deployment through Visual Studio and not have to use the clunky NI installer builder.  I've ended up using the installer just to deploy the licenses, then I deploy my actual application/updates via Visual Studio onto that machine.


I agree.  Can someone from National Instruments weigh in on this?


I cannot find where MS2015 was ever integrated with VS2015.  It's 2017 now and Microsoft released VS2017 yesterday.  I'm not crossing my fingers on any of this.  I have some apps that acquire data from DAQmx devices and some that are stuck with "legacy" NI libraries.  


Will NI frameworks/libraries stay current with existing tooling?  I don't want to abandon my NI platforms, but outdated libraries, etc. are causing issues for me.


I keep checking for VS2015 support and it is coming up on two years since it was released.  I can't imagine how low it will be for VS2017 unless they skip VS2015 and jump to VS2017. In the past I think there was about a one year lag for support which I thought was long given all the prereleases.  I am beginning to question whether or not NI is going to continue support for Visual Studio.  I have been using VB.NET for years and it has been nice with the integrated driver support but I am starting to think about other options as I have doubts about NI commitment to Visual Studio.