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PXI PROFINET on PXIe 8840QC with Linux RT

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Hi, first post so feel free to state if the question is misplaced in any way.

I am setting up a system with LabVIEW RT and since Phar Lap will be EOL, I will give Linux RT a try. After some issues installing software at all (seems related to the PC running MAX) I am now struggling with the PXI PROFINET device. The device comes from NI (PXI PROFINET - NI) but the manufacturer is KUNBUS. There are support and driver available for Phar Lap, but I can't find anything for Linux RT. 

Does anyone have any idea where to find driver and support?

And in general is it to early to move to Linux RT?

Thanks in advance!

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There will be driver support for LinuxRT in the future. Your NI sales representative or Kunbus may be able to get you into the Beta Program for the Linux RT driver.

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