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How to set an application built using the C API 3.0 for myRIO to run at startup on a myRIO-1900

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Is it even possible to set such an application to run on startup? If it is how would you go about doing it?

What I've tried:

I compiled a program using the NI eclipse distribution and API and can run the program from Eclipse or by running it while SSH into the myRIO. The only documentation I could find relating to it is:

The link is a little outdated so I am not sure how relevant it is today. I changed the lines in lvrt.conf to:


I also tried launching the program like a script using rc.local which doesn't seem to be used the same way as it is in Ubuntu or I just don't know how to use it correctly. My compiled pogram does not come with the extension .rtexe although I can add it later which is probably not the same thing. I used LabVIEW to set a random VI to run as startup in order to see what it changes when setting a program to run at startup and it tells me that my previous rt program was corrupted and did not start.


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Hi neap,

You don't want to use lvrt.conf to do this, as the startup-app that's described in that config file is basically LV-specific (it's similar to a collection of the .vi and other project files with some additional information)

You're also correct that the rc.local file is not considered during boot.

What you'd want to use is a startup script (or "initscript"), which is described here:

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Thanks. That was exactly what I was looking for.

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