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How to install python3 in order to run tensorflow

Hi all,


I wish to perform an install of Python 3.6 (in order to run tensorflow) to the MyRio  LinuxRt directly from scratch. up to know i did not install any python versions. so far i just perform to connect with my device throught putty :/. which steps should i follow?


thanks in advance



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Hi hozcan,


I recommend reading through the documentation on these forums. The FAQ is a good place to start. 

(Hint: Your question is already there.)


EDIT: Ah, just saw that you specifically need python 3.6. I'm not sure we have that in our repo, but you should be able to install it as you would on any Linux system that doesn't have the software in its repo. That being said, I believe both 2.7 and 3.5 are in the 2019 repo. 

Charlie J.
National Instruments
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Hi @GatorBait,

thanx for your help. unfortunately not, to another MyRio device, we installed with the below command and it just installed python2.7 however tensorflow does not  supported by that version. 


sed -i 's#nickdanger\.amer\.corp\.natinst\.com/feeds/\([^/]\+\)/\([^/]\+\)/\1/\2/ipk/#' /etc/opkg/base-feeds.conf


opkg update


opkg install python-pip

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Hi hozcan,


Depending on what version of LabVIEW Real-Time and the firmware version of your myRIO, you'll be accessing a different repo. The first command you use should only be necessary with the 17.0 version of LabVIEW Real-Time and the version of the firmware associated with that release.
Looking in the feeds for 2017 ( there are python 3.5 packages available.
I would recommend reformatting and re-installing before installing python3 packages. It is best practice to only have 1 version of python on the controller at a time.




National Instruments

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hi  tic.not.tock, 

thanx for your help..

I already started on the new MyRio no python installed so far and using Labview 2018 and NI MyRio firmware seems as 6.0.0f1. OS is (NI Linux Real-Time ARMv7-A 4.9.47-rt37-ni-6.0.0f1). Can you suggest me the feed for that ?


Also one more question, probably a silly one :), Can i use RT module by skipping Labview and directly work my python code on Rt module?

Thanx in advance

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