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simple ADC: simulation ends or freezes after just a few ms (multisim 14.1 student version)

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hi all,

i have what I thought was a simple ADC but the simulation seemingly freezes shortly after starting

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Hi tobesmagotes,


What kind of analysis are you running? Which are the conditions? I just ran an interactive analysis for about 10 minutes without any issue. Can you check the memory and CPU usage on the computer to see if the program is starving the resources?




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I want to run an interactive analysis but the simulation either freezes or ends after about 5.5 ms. Haven't changed any of the conditions I don't think and resource availability is fine.

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Accepted by topic author tobesmagotes

Ended up using the default 8bit ADC and it works fine now.Unsure of what the issue was but it appears to be the ADC package in my original post

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