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problem in installation of the multisim student edition

problem in installation of the multisim student edition



Situation:  New Labtop (with WINDOWS10 PRO) and 2 partitions on one SSD (500GB) 

                  C.\     100GB  Partition

                  D:\     350GB  Partition - for program data only


After installing other Programms finally I installed the "Student Circuit Design Suite" - it landed on C.\  

but some parts of the program where placed on Partition D:\


So I decided to make a single Partition, i.e.: the SSD got single Partition C:\  with all the 500GB.


I used the program:  EaseUS Partition Master Professional (Lifetime Upgrades) 12.10

to became a single Partition - without any loss of program data from the former Partition D:\


But - as a matter of facts - the previous working Installation of  "Student Circuit Design Suite" (on C: & D:\)

is not working anymore.....


I made a reinstallation of the program but it did not help....


So I deleted all program parts - and cleared / deleted all intertracks by use of the "regedit" program of Windows10.


Is here anybody who can help me?


Thank you very much In advance -

Toni from Vienna/Austria



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Re: problem in installation of the multisim student edition

Hi Artony,


Why have you decided to merge two partitions into one after the first installation? Is steps that you've described didn't work I think that performing a clean installation of OS may be necessary (including disc format). There may be some register path dependencies that you won't be able to find manually. That would be also a good approach to try installing newer version 14.1. Link:


Kind regards

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