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UB-design coupling to Schematic

Hello you all,


Since 15 years.... I am getting back in PCB and schematic design. I need to use 15/16 year old UB5 and Orcad files to start from.


For a project I still have the completed UB5 PCB layout which I can open and now save in UB12.

However... the original Orcadfile (V3.11 1985-1987)  could not be opened in Multisim12.

The design is now newly set up / drawn up in Multisim12.


By the lord almighty.... is there any way I can correctly connect this new designfile to the completed UB file ?


Both represent the same thing... and all components are named the same also... The mainproblem is in the netlist off course. Secondary problem is the rules-set.


Anybody experience with such a situation ?


Thanks in advace,



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Hello Jack,


I must tell you in advance that I don't have any real experience in combining a 26-28 year old (based on the versions) OrCAD file with a 15/16 year old Multisim file.


Are you able to Export the SPICE netlist of the Multisim 12 Schematic?
Can you succesfully import this netlist into Ultiboard 12?


(Please make back-ups before the next step)

Can you try forward annotation of the newly created netlist into the already existing Ultiboard lay-out?


These would be my first steps, but I don't know how succesful this will be in this specific case.

Kind Regards,
Thierry C - CLA, CTA - Senior R&D Engineer (Former Support Engineer) - National Instruments
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