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Something everyone can use....and it's free

Hey Kitt,

Thanks for the site.  I just registered and then contributed a Phase Locked Loop circuit in the miscellaneous area.

The idea is someone out there may be able to use it to make a model for a cd4046. 😉

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thank you and welcome aboard!

I'm sure your contribution will be a great addition and help some folks out.

I've also added information to the knowledgebase of the site, but it seems to be growing very very quickly......seems like everyday its 1 or 2 people signing up. So it's a very good thing!


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Signature: Looking for a footprint, component, model? Might be here >
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Thanks Euler for the PLL circuit. I will see if I can possibly get it working as a component and upload that as well. Great to have you on the site.
Kittmaster's Component Database

Have a Nice Day
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Just a quick update, we are going to be offline in the next few weeks for a couple of hours.  We are going to retool the download section from how it is now to break the downloads into two discrete sections.  So far the framework is in place, and will be validated for functionality.  When we take the site down, it should only be a few hours or so to validate the output.  I am going to take a snapshot of the entire site and database to ensure we have a full roll back option in place to ensure we don't loose people hard work and contributions.  Since one of the admins will be handling this, I have no set date as to when this will happen.  Should be within a couple of weeks or so.  I will update more if anything new arrises.  Chris

Signature: Looking for a footprint, component, model? Might be here >
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The site will be turned off tonight for our change over by one of our admins.  Hopefully this changeover will only take 24 hours or less.  Will update as progress occurs.......Chris

Signature: Looking for a footprint, component, model? Might be here >
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The changes are complete.  The overhaul involved the download area.  Now it is broken up into two distinct categories, Multisim components and Ultiboard footprints.  This is ease the need for finding something quickly.  THanks to Lacy, one of the admins for making this big change for us, we hope that is serves you well.
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Signature: Looking for a footprint, component, model? Might be here >
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Hello Kitt,


I tried to register to your site but no success.

I didn't receive the confirmation yet, so I'm blocked :smileysad:

I can hardly wait to be able to access the content so, please, allow me to, ok?

My login is Laghetto



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Contest? Do you mean content? Anyway, the database is not huge, but the best thing is that you can make requests, which are usually fulfilled. 🙂 The site is currently undergoing some maintenance, but you should be able to sign up soon. Thanks for the interest! Kittmaster, Lacy, or myself will post here when things are all finished.
Ryan R.
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Thanks Morgol,


you are's content :smileyvery-happy:

I'm waiting to access the database. Actually I already have a request. Is there in the site some PIC micros? On Multisim version I have, there is only the 16F84...


Thanks all 

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If you are looking for a model for a PIC, unfortunately NI is the only source. Since they no longer support VHDL and I do not have an old copy of VHDL, our best way of making advanced digital models is gone. They say they are working on a replacement system, but that doesn't help us right now.
Ryan R.
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