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Save converted User DB to current location

Status: New

When a new version of Multisim and Ultiboard is released, the old User DB must be converted to work with the new version. Unfortunately, the converted DB is saved to the default file location, even if that is not the current location of the User DB.


I believe it is good practice to set up the User DB in a location that is backed up regularly to guard against possible loss. Seems like the converted User DB should be saved back to the location where the old User DB was, whether that is the default location or not.


When we did the last version upgrade, it took me a long time to figure out why the conversion was not working. It turned out that the conversion itself was working, but the converted file was being saved in the default file location instead of the currently used location.


This behavior, although NI tells me it is working as designed, is rather insidious, and seems like it would be fairly easy to change.