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Panelization option in Ultiboard

I'd like to see a panelization option in Ultiboard, perhaps similar to the one in Altium ( Preferably with an option to panelize multiple different designs onto a single panel, choice of V-groove's / scoring, break-off tabs, etc.




Status changed to: Under Consideration

Upverter like Ultiboard has NO panelization.


Not so thoughtful developers said that most PCB contract manufacturers like to panelize themselves.


That's nice if they cover all of the details.  Often they don't and coordinates of component centers are mis-calculated.


Several on the Upvertere forum said the only way to insure accuracy is to do by yourself.  I agree, especially as

some PCB manufactures use panelization programs with varying accuract.


So developers ought to ask their marketing people who speak to pro level board designers before offering workaround just because Ultiboard has no such feature.