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Library Loader Compatibility

Status: New

I've recently switched from using RS Design Spark to the NI Circuit Design Suite. In Design Spark, I used component models from and imported them using a piece of software called Library Loader by SamecSys.

I was more than a little disappointed to learn that NI Multisim/Ultiboard is one of the few EDA's with which it is not compatible, and it's made me question whether switching to Multisim was the right choice for me.

I've contacted SamecSys to ask if there are any plans for compatibility with Multisim, and had a reply from Mark saying that he would love to make Library Loader compatible with Multisim/Ultiboard. He is ready to go with the project, but requires the co-operation of NI.


I've also contacted NI Technical Support and received the following response:


The best way for you to further this issue would be for yourself to post on the MultiSim/Ultiboard Ideas board which allows for our R&D department to see the requests of our customers. I believe a few people may have already posted about this issue but the more people that post the more likely it is for the issue to get raised!


I'm posting this request here in hope that it is seen by the right person.


Mark at SamecSys is ready to get to work with making Library Loader compatible with Multisim, he's just waiting for somebody at NI to get in touch with him and co-operate.

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The same is true for SnapEDA and Ultra Librarian.  I was given the same message to post here that you received about a year ago (maybe was even longer) when I asked this same question.  I recently responded to someone else posting a similar question but there is never any response from NI even though *all* of the other EDA vendors are supporting these open libraries and tools.


 I have been using MultiSim and Ultiboard for many years, even before NI bought Electronics Workbench.  If I didn't have some much time and money invested in these tools I would switch.  If I were you, and it isn't too late, I would go with someone elses tools.