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what is bnc logical input ?

i was reading user module for NI USB-6212 i encounter with this word BNC logic input
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Most of those USB DAQs have screw terminals but some have a few BNC connectors.  BNC Logic Input is simply a digital input that happens to have a BNC style connector.
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GUYS I M working on a project here nd i need to plot the characterstics of motor- generator set using lab view . i m facing a problem in DAQ whenever u put the DAQ in test panel i get extra voltages on every channel without any input nd as result my graph deviates , i dont know the solution nd i dont think it is any manufactural  defect , help me if there is any possible way to remove those unwanted frequencies .. pls reply me soon i m reaaly in need for the solution " "



if u reply it will automatically come to in  my gmail, but if u find any solution mail it me to the address , i will be thankful to u 

have a nice day .. can be it be a work station problem ?

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