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viewing contents of a nce file

   I have old software that someone wrote and I need to support. It contains a CONFIGDATA.NCE with tasks for the DAQ card. I haven't had any luck importing them from the file to my computer. Is there a reader that would let me view the tasks directly from the nce file without having to install them into max on my machine?


   Also, is there a way to convert them to a more contained format so they can be contained in the code package without having to make any significant software packages but also so the software won't conflict with other software that is on the machine?

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You do have a few options for deploying tasks.  First your installer can contain a .nce file and a set-up routine can programatically import that .nce in an initialization routine.  If you do this for all your deployments MAX will always have the right configuration as long as the hardware is present.


Another approach is to use LabVIEW projects and persist your tasks, scales etc in the project rather than in MAX.  This is less cumbersome since you can view the tasks etc from within the project.  but you did not state you developed in LabVIEW so I don't know it will work for you.


As far a peeking into a .nce  ---- Well the format isn't human readable and I don't think there is a translator (other than MAX) that really can understand the bits.

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The software is currently in labview. The current problem that I'm having is that these tasks are not properly importing from the NCE file to my machine so I currently have no access at all. Is there some program that can let me view the contents of the tasks?

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You can look at the tasks on the development machine or in the source code.  other than that- if the tasks only exist in the nce and do not import they must be expecting a specific hardware configuration to pre-exist.  Unless the system requirments are documented you may be in a bit of trouble. 


Attach the nce and I'll see if I can guess what it is expecting

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