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trigger external device using 6731

How do I route a trigger signal from a PCI 6731 to the SCB-68 connector block using DAQmx (NIDAQ 7.3)? What I am trying to accomplish is to start the AO, AI and an external piece of equipment simultaneously. I have a PCI 4472 input card, a 6731 output card. I would like to route the trigger to the EXT Trigger input on the 4472 and the external equipment. It seems that this should be fairly easy to do, but I cannot figure it out. Please help.

The attached vi starts the AO and AI at the same time, but not using the EXT Trigger input.
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The EXT trigger input on the 4472 corresponds to PFI0 on that board. I suggest outputting the ao/StartTrigger to the PFI0 on the PXI-4472. To do this, you can do this using the DAQmx Route signal vi. If necessary, you can route the ao/StartTrigger signal to a PXI_Trig line and then route from the PXI_Trig line ot PFI0.

I tried opening up your code, but it not include all the necessary sub VIs.

Hope this helps,
Anuj D.
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I've modified your original VI slightly to accomplish what you want. It uses the DAQmx Export Signal VI to export the start trigger from the 6731 to PFI5. The VI still uses RTSI to share the start trigger between the 6731 and 4472, but now it also exports the start trigger on the PFI5 pin of the 6731. This will allow you to share the start trigger and synchronize with any external equipment.
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I ran the vi and got the error:

(Analog 1D DBL 1Chan NSamp).vi

Possible reason(s):

Specified route cannot be satisfied, because the hardware does not support it.

Property: StartTrig.OutputTerm
Destination Device: Dev2
Destination Terminal: PFI5

Task Name: _unnamedTask<10>

I modified the vi to send a digital pulse out Ctr0. It seems to work but I am not sure how to verify that the pulse is starting at the same time as the scan and Analog output.

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Sorry, PFI5 is the default output pin for the AO Sample Clock signal and not the AO Start Trigger. If you modify the program to export the signal on PFI6 instead of PFI5, it should work. In the future, you can reference the routing table located on the Device Routes tab in MAX to determine which routes are possible on your device when you encounter such errors.
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