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Is there an analog output and input  module that I could use to program 4-20 ma under control of Signal Express. I would like to drive a device for 3 seconds at 12ma and three seconds at 20ma. I would also like to take an analog sample during each state. If I purchase the right hardware, can SE do this without having to do any programming in LV.

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Yes you can do this in Signal Express.  If you get stuck on this please post back and we can help.


To get 4-20mA current output you will need one of these:

4110 For PXI and a lot of current output

4130 PXI

6704 PCI or PXI

9265 cDAQ


None of these can do analog input, but there are TONS of choices depending on what you need for that.  Would you just be taking one sample?  If not what rate?

Jason Daming
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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