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controlling motor

Hi there,
I am quite new to LabView and have (basic) problem with controlling of the motor.
I want to control a DC motor with LabView. I wish to give out analog signal for speed control and digital signal for switching it ON/OFF.
I am using PCI-MIO-16E-4 (NI) card with SCB-68 (NI) board. I am using LabView 8.5 full development system.
Question I have is how I can control motor? (both analog and digital signals)?
Which VIs shall I use? Can I use DAQ assistant for it?
What does it mean by line?
It will be great if anyone could please guide me.
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You can control the motor using either analog or digital signals. There are various examples shipped with LabVIEW which you can find via "example finder". Search for something along the lines of continuous generation. You can use DAQ Assistant yes but it is an express VI so if you can learn how to program using DAQ functions, its better for performance purposes.
To learn more, please go to this link:
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To add to that, you should also have "MAX (Measurement and Automation eXplorer)" installed. This is where you see, test and name your devices, which you reference to in your LabVIEW program.
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Hi there (kabul),
Many thanks for your reply and advise, I will certainly go through it, especially material in the links suggested.
Will post again if I have any further query.
Many thanks for support.
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