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connecting k type thermocouple to my NI 6014 DAQ board



I have built a VI to aquire a signal from a K type thermocouple through my NI 6014 daq card..i have connected my two thermocouple leads i.e red to pin 33(ai1) and  black to pin 62(AISENSE) respectively..VI is error free..but when i run this VI it is showing any random value on front panel in temp.indicator 1259.95 even if i have done settings as 0-100 as min.and max.values.wat could b the reason that i m unable to read exact temp.reading on my VI front panel?....attached herewith is my VI(labview code to read temp.from thermocouple).

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I see that for some time no one has tried to answer this question.Let me start by asking you two questions.  Are you using this board with single ended inputs or double ended.  This would make a difference on whether to use pin 62(AISENSE) or ch #9.  You said that you hooked up two thermocouple.  It sound like you said that you installed them on the same pins to put them in parallel rather than on two different channels.


hope to hear from you.





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Thanks for the reply. I have connected a single thermocouple and not two. I have connected it in NRSE mode (Nonreferenced single ended mode). Thats why used AISENSE pin. I am confused if using differential mode would be right or not as I am using a single thermocouple. The same problem I could solve by using Daqmx assistant vi;by custom scaling tool ; in which i signal conditioned the signal by using AD595 ic and giving its output to my daq card..referring to the dataseet of that IC I custom scaled the temp. and respective values of voltage and obtained temp.reading on my front panel...But using daqmx VIs I was unable to get any reading. As daqmx vi have the option of thermocouple measurements as far as i understand there should not be any need of signal conditioning..connecting thermocouple directly to the card should give me some results. Please do the needful.



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