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Is repair cost-effective for a PCI-6025E with failed DIO lines/ports?

I run a PCI-6025E in a MATLAB xPC target machine. It stopped working, so I plugged the PCI card into a Windows box to run NI diagnostics and got the below output. Basically I want to know if NI can repair this for a reasonable cost or if I should just get a new one.


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3/20/2012 8:58:38 AM
Results saved to:  no location selected (results not saved) 
Selected Device: Dev1
Device Type: PCI-6025E
Serial Number: 1228030
Device Support: (PASS)
NI-DAQmx Version: 9.5 (PASS)
Device Reset: (PASS)
The device was last self-calibrated on: 3/19/2012 4:44:53 PM
Running Calibration ...   (PASS)
-------------------- Testing Counters... --------------------
Testing CTR Buffered Pulse Generation...   (PASS)
Testing CTR Single Pulse Generation...   (PASS)
-------------------- Testing Analog Input... --------------------
Testing AI Ground Reference...   (PASS)
Testing AI Voltage Reference...   (PASS)
Testing AI Finite Sample Clock...   (PASS)
Testing AI Finite Sample Clock Frequency...   (PASS)
-------------------- Testing Analog Output... --------------------
Testing AO Finite Sample Clock...   (PASS)
Testing AO Finite Sample Clock Frequency...   (PASS)
Testing AO Single Point...   (PASS)
Testing AO Accuracy...   (PASS)
-------------------- Testing Digital IO... --------------------
Testing DIO Lines...   (FAIL)
************ Test FAILED for the following reason ************
Incorrect digital value read internally from Dev1/port1/line0.  Expected TRUE, Read FALSE.
Testing DIO Ports...   (FAIL)
************ Test FAILED for the following reason ************
Incorrect digital value read internally from Dev1/port1.  Expected 1, Read 0.
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If you card is under warranty, NI repairs are fairly reasonable.  Otherwise I'm not sure.  You'd have to call them.

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I doubt a 6025E is still under warrenty.  They're obsolete but still available and cost more than newer cards with better features.  You should run the numbers and see if changing your system to use an X or M series card is worth it in the long run.  We're in the same boat at my place, about a dozen 6025E that are slowly dropping out.

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It wouldn't be too difficult to replace the 82C55 IC by yourself. We have done this several times in these old "6025E days".

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