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cdaq 9174 hard reset

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I have test station with two cDAQ 9174. One is working without problems. But the second after longer time of every day using have problem. The second is not recognized by the NI MAX. When I connect it to the USB, nothing will happen. No new hardware found... No refresh the hardware list in Windows Device Manager... Nothing. 😞 cDAQ power led lights, but the READY led not lights.


It seems to be the cDAQ is broken. Does exist any way to hard reset the cDAQ 9174?


Thank you for your answers.

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Hello steelbull,


Are you on a Windows machine?  If so, can you see the device in the Windows Device Manager?  


If you CAN see the device in Windows Device Manager, go to Start >> Search all programs for "Services".  Find the NI Device Loader and verify that its status is "Started".  If it is not, right click on it and select "Start".  


Check if the device is visible once you refresh NI MAX.  If it is not, verify that you have a compatible NI-DAQmx driver.  Verify the compatibility at the following link:


If you CANNOT see the device in Windows Device Manager, verify that the cable is working.  You can do this by attempting to use a different cable on the device in question or using a different device with the cable in question. 


Another step to try is to change USB ports.  Ensure that it is a USB 2.0 port, as the recommended bus interface for the cDAQ 9174 is USB 2.0 Highspeed.


Hopefully this helps!

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As I was write, I cant see the device inthe Device manager. Cable is 100percent working. I was try another computer, but the situation is same. I think, the cDAQ is broken 😞

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Accepted by topic author steelbull

I am sorry to hear that this may be the case.  


Here is information on how you can begin the RMA process:



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Thanks very much to all for all answers. I think, the cDAQ si broken. I will send IT to the service.
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Of course!  Thanks for working with us!

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