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What is the best way to interface scsi 3 with Labview?


I am an undergraduate working with labview this semester as an independent study. My goal this semester is to write software for a Jasco FT/IR 460 plus that connects through a SCSI 3 cable. What options do I have for interfacing Labview with this instrument assuming I have very little hardware that is compatible with labview?

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Hello aegeis,


Do you attach the SCSI cable to the computer or the instrument? Do you have a manual for this device?   Generally, most instruments connect back to the computer through GPIB or serial connections.  With those, you communicate through NI-VISA.  If you don't have those connections, you would want to look for a driver for the device (generally a .dll).  You can then call into this dll using a Call Library Node inside of LabVIEW.  I hope this helps!

Field Engineer
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