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2 very simple questions about 6225 PCI card

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Hi everyone,



I am using for the first time a 6225 PCI card (80 analg inputs). This card is linked to two SCB-68 bloc junctions and my purpose is to use it to acquire 40 différential signals. Using the DAQ assistant I have come up to these conclusions :


1)      The first 8 of my 40 différential inputs go onto the first bloc junction?

2)      On bloc junction n°1 for each differential signal I need to put a 10 Kohms biais resistance between each AIGrnd and the V(-) of the signal. This is what I have done with other 622X cards. In order to do this with bloc n°2 too, I only have pin n°22, 9 and 43 free to use for all my 32 signal. Is this correct?


I know these are 2 very basic questions but  if somebody could just answer them for confirmation it would be great.


Thanks a lot,





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1) The first 8 inputs go onto the 1st bloc junction as this pdf for connector 0 shows.  For the last pin on the connector 1 you will find the information in the screenshot below :


connector 1.PNG




































2) Depending on your source impedance, you should connect your source as described in figure 4-5 :


Differential Connections for Floating Signal Sources with.PNG

Or 4-6 of M-series user manual (page 4-15 to 4-18, thus, with a coupled bias resistor also between the positive lead of the source and AI GND).


Thereafter if you have some noise problem , you could follow these documents:

How Do I Eliminate Ghosting From My Measurements?

Decreasing the Source Impedance of an Analog Input Signal

Using a Unity Gain Buffer (Voltage Follower) with a DAQ Device

I hope this helps.



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Steve M.
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Dear Steve,
Thank you very much for your quick and relevant answer, specially for the jumpers setting.
- Could you confirm that if there isn't a .pdf card (6221-6224 for instance) in the attachments files at the bottom of this page (, it means the SCB-68 M series conn. 0 and 1 .pdf should be used ?

- I am sorry but I don't understand what is special about the last pin on connector 1 ?



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In the link you attached, the pdf named "SCB-68 M Series conn 1.pdf" is for the other M series card which use 2 connectors like 6229 & 6224. For the 6225 & 6255 card you have a psecial pdf for it  (SCB-68 6225 & 6255 conn 1.pdf) because these cards have 80 analog inputs. So, you can see that regarding the other M series cards the connector 0 is the same, the difference is only for the last 64 inputs on the connector 1.


For information, you can access these pinouts of your card from the NI-DAQmx Device Terminals help file that is installed with DAQmx. A quick way to access this file with the exact pinout you need is from Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX). In MAX under Devices and Interfaces, right-click on your device and select Device Pinouts. This will open the help document, as well as go directly to the pinout diagrams for that particular device.





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Hi Steve,


Thanks again for all this information.





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