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What devices should be used to produce acoustic sounds?

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Dear NI experts,


I am a researcher who records EEGs in response to acoustic sounds. Here is the setup in my lab:

  1. A custom-written LabVIEW program generates a series of signals >>
  2. Signals go through an NI PCI 6221 interface card inside a desktop computer >>
  3. Signals go through the AO0 channel of an NI BNC-2090A that is mounted on a 19" rack
  4. Signals go through a Wavetek duo filter (this device filters and "smooths" out digital edges of the signal) that is mounted on a 19" rack
  5. Signals go through a Tucker-Davis programmable attenuator PA4 (this device attenuates the signal) that is mounted on a 19" rack
  6. Signals go through a Tucker-Davis headphone buffer HB6 (this device provides power to drive the diaphragm of an earphone to vibrate)
  7. Signals go to an insert earphone (ER-3A, 50 Ohms) that presents sound into the ear canal of a human participant
  8. Recording pads are placed on the participant's head to pick up EEGs
  9. EEGs go through a physiological amplifier
  10. EEGs go through the AI0 channel of an NI BNC-2090A that is mounted on a 19" rack
  11. EEGs go back to NI PCI 6221 inside the desktop computer
  12. The same LabVIEW program is used to record EEGs.


Recently, I want to build a similar system but on wheels, so that I can move the system around and record EEGs elsewhere. Here are the devices that I already have and plan to use on this mobile system.

  1. The same LabVIEW program will be used on the mobile system.
  2. A laptop computer will be used, instead of a desktop computer.
  3. An NI USB-6216 BNC will be used to replace the roles of PCI 6221.
  4. The same earphone will be used.
  5. The same EEG amplifier will be used.


However, I do not know what devices should be used on the mobile system, to replace the functionalities of devices #4, #5, and #6 listed above. 


Any comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!!


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A better option to generate acoustic signals would be the Sound & Vibration series AO cards, this will produce a clean sinewave and you can skip #4, based on your selection of this AO card, you can even skip#5.


If the EEG signals are a mix of sines, you can get Sound & Vibration series AI cards, they have better dynamic range and retain frequency components well.


Talking about the portable unit, these instruments can fit in a cDAQ chassis and connect to a laptop or a computer.

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Thank you SO MUCH!!!

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