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Vi(s) DAQmx Labview 2012

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hi! i have a program (in labview 2012) but i change de computer and in the new computer the labview can´t find de vi(s) of DAQmx( create channels ect...) how i can install this vi? i installed labview 2012 suit core, DAQmx 9.7.(in my old computer, i have installed labview 2010)



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Did you install DAQmx before or after LabVIEW?  You need to install DAQmx after you install LabVIEW in order for the LabVIEW support to be installed.


Regardless, just install DAQmx again and the LabVIEW support VIs should be installed.

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I installed DAQmx 9.8 and the problem has been solved

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