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Unable to acquire and write voltage output at high samples rates (200+ kHz)

I'm having trouble writing my output voltages at high sampling rates.  I'll get error message 200279 saying "Attempted to read samples that are no longer available. The requested sample was previously available, but has since been overwritten."  Everything works fine when sampling at 100kHz with a sample size of 10k.  Not sure why I get this error when I push past that.  I am using the DAQmx to acquire my signal and writing into a .lvm or text file.  I'm only reading from 1 channel so my DAQmx is set at Analog 1D DBL 1Chan NSamp.  Can anyone offer any suggestions?



- Josh

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This has been discussed a number of times. The write to measurement file, when saving as text, is one of the slowest file write options. The time it takes is greater than the acquisition time and that results in that error. You can stream to a tdsm file (i.e. TDMS Streaming - Cont Log and Read Data) or if you want text, use a producer/consumer architecture with the file write in the consumer loop. File>New..>From Template>Design Patterns.


p.s. You are throwing away all timing information by converting to DBL.

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