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USB6212BNC - help

I use the DAQ with LabView software to control my bipotentiostat. I get a huge reading of potential and current. I think that the DAQ is not communicating with the software correctly.

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Or you have not configured the acquisition correctly (ie differential/rse) or you have not wired the channels correctly. You have not provided enough information about your software or the device that is connected.

Before trying to write any code, use the test panels in MAX.
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Thank you so much for the reply. I am using custom-written LabView program to do electrochemistry experiments. I have a custom-made switch that is used to switch between potentiostatic mode and galvanostatic mode of measurement and connected to the NI DAQ and the bipotentiostat. (I am sorry this is very technical and may not be clear). I have two identical systems and one works perfectly. I have compared the wiring and they are the same. The station that is not working now was working for more than two years. Does disconnecting everything and testing the DAQ with MAX help? Any advice, please-

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