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USB-6225 log digitals using SignalExpress LE (non clocked DIs)


I have a problem with USB 6225 when I try to log DIs. According to data sheet it has 24 inputs (8 clocked). So I can set P0.0-P0.7 with an internal sample clock at desired frequency and they will be logged.

How can I set up P1.0 - P2.7 (PFIs) to log inputs? I do not require fast logging as the inputs will change at slow rate of few Hz.
Instead of internal sample clock I tried to set it as "Change detection" but I get the error that they do not support it.

I also tried to create a digital waveform  on P0.0 to wire it to PFI15 (P2.7) and select this as the external clock but this gives me error that this line does not support buffered operation.

How can I log more than 8DIs using 6225 with SignalExpress LE?



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