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USB-6002 Triggering

(LV 2013 + latest Daqmx)



I try to do Analog Triggering on a USB-6002.


I'm using the example: ' Voltage - Finite'.


The only options that seem to work are: 'no trigger' and 'digital start'. All other options say that this property is not supported by the 6002.


But in the NI documentation, under 'Trigger Type', it says that 'analog trigger' is a supported property for the 6002.

(scroll down to Trigger Type and follow the link)


So, is the USB-6002 capable of Analog Triggering?








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The structure of the DAQmx API documentation makes this a bit confusing. The page you link to (NI USB-6002 Supported Properties) indicates that the "Trigger Type" property is valid for the 6002 (because it is), and it takes you to the page for the "Trigger Type" property. This latter page is not distinguished by device, so it lists all possible values for the property across all DAQmx devices, not just the 6002.


The USB-6002 is not capable of analog triggering, just digital (on PFI0 and PFI1). This information is available in the NI USB-6002 Specifications.

Brandon Streiff ·
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I see.


Thank you for the help.


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