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Test panel will not start

I was running nidaqmx 8.7 on winxp ok, then I installed a brand new PCIe-6363.  It required an upgraded nidaqmx driver, so when I installed version 9.0 which came with the card, it installed, but the Measurement and Automation explorer Test Panel feature does not work (no errors, just nothing happens).  When I try and run Test Panels from the command prompt, I get "MFC90.dll not found" type of errors.


I have uninstalled/re-installed NI software, xp service pack 3, and visual studio 2008 runtime libraries to no avail.  Copying MFC90.dll and a few others does not seem to work due to different versions of these *90.dll files.....HELP.


Any clues?

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Howdy Johnny!


It could be possible that the disk you installed from was corrupted.  Try downloading DAQmx 9.1.1 from the web and installing from that.



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Hi,  johnny9999999


Have you solved your problem yet?  I ran into the same case today and found a solution.  You may try the following steps


1) go to C:\WINDOWS\system32

2) rename the file named "nidmfpan.exe.manifest" to something like "nidmfpan.exe.manifest.back"

3) try open testpanel on MAX or type in run as "nidmfpan.exe /devid:dev1"






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Thanks, I will try that...other fixes had not worked still to this day...

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Renaming the .manifest file worked for me.


I even copied the mfc90*.dll files that where stored in a folder under C:\winnt\winsxs\... to C:\winnt\system32 but that didn't work.


Not sure what went wrong with the installation of NIDAQmx 9.2.3.


Thanks again for the tip.



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