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Multifunction DAQ

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Speed of DAQ

Hey DAQs,

is it possible to get a ABOUT speed information of the NI-DAQ driver ?
I have a stepping through application - means :

( 1 step then 100 acquisitions next step ) * 1000 steps

With my P200 and a PCI Mio16E1 I need about 3-4 seconds to get the 100
But as long we know the PCI 16E1 is much faster ! Therefore I loose speed

Anybody who can give me a hint ?

For stepping i use the async. mode by generating a waveform. The waveform is
in a 1000 steps big buffer and for synchronizing I start each output update
by the general
purpose timer. With the same timer tick I start a 5 channel scan to acqu.
the 100 data and
re-program the time a.s.o. I can program the timer down to a µsec. but it
won't run faster
with 100µsecs.
Where i my mistake ?

Does the programming of the timer need so much time ? (you need to do it
every step !)

Michael Wieland

PS: The same programm with AO_write instead of wfm-out is even slower !
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