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Saving data acquired in DAQ


i have problem in saving data i aquire from the DAQ.
I programmed a VI ,with two simulated signals(i can replace them with DAQ VI) and added all the necessary VIs to get the data i want!
when i want to save this data ,i wanted it with so many options. like, the VI should save data in a new file when the date is changed and so.
I found all these attributes in Write to LVM VI and simply i used it to save my data,
now here when i see, in the file there is no information about what is the data stored in which column?

i wanted to use file I/O options but,really didnt understand functionality,that how can i create a file path,reference number and all!

how can i save the data which i acquire, in a file ,where it can show the column names,time and a header to specify what  for the program meant!

please help me!

Thanks a million!

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I attach my VI, and the sample data file obtained from it!

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Your problem has really nothing to do with DAQ, it has to do with the format of a saved file. This is NOT a DAQ problem, but a LabVIEW problem, so please post this as a new topic over in the LabVIEW forum.
And please abstain from spamming other threads with offtopic pointers to your problem (such as over here). If everybody would do that, we would have 3x as many posts, everything would be a mess, and it would be impossible to find things and make sense of threads.
If your problem has an answer, somebody will reply. You just have to be patient! If there is no reply in a few days, it could be that nobody understood the question, that there is no solution, or things were just too confusing to the reader. At this point, you could post another reply to the same thread, maybe explaining the problem in a bit more detail or add additional information. Good luck!
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