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SCB-68A Temperature Sensor Outpput

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I am trying to verify that the SCB-68A is reading temperature correctly by testing the accuracy of the temperature sensor, but I can't get the unit to read temperature.  I have it connected to a USB-6363, which has been calibrated and is functioning correctly.  I connected a K type TC to AI 0 and AI 8 using differential mode to get ambient temperature. NI Max task-temperature will not let me do a CJC build in option.  Can anyone share the best way to do this? Thanks.

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According to the SCB-68 and SCB-68A : DAQ Multifunction I/O Accessory Guide


"The SCB-68 and SCB-68A ship with the DIP Switches set to MIO with disabled CJC temperature sensor mode. Devices and modules only supporting direct feedthrough mode must change this DIP switch configuration to ensure correct performance."


Please refer to the above document to correctly configure the SCB-68 to allow for CJC mode.

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