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Replacement for USB-6225 and USB-6255

Hi everyone, 


        In my team we use since forever cards which I mention in topic. 

But now I see that both have status "Mature" which means that are not recommended in new designs. 

Has anyone recognize this issue i.e. is any other USB device with 80 analog inputs available? Or maybe some from NI can share some info about that.




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I remember using the PXI-6225 when it first came out.  That card was a beast.  Unfortunately, it looks like the largest channel count in a single card is going to be 32.


The USB-6212, which we have a ton of, is also set to "Mature".  These are very good basic DAQs with 32 DIO.  Quickly clicking through, it looks like a whole bunch of DAQs just entered the "Mature" state.  It appears to me that NI is removing the M series DAQs from their line.  I do find it concerning there does not look like there are direct replacements for these cards though.  It just feeds into my personal theory that NI is trying to get out of the hardware space.

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