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Question on DAQ USB 6363

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Hi to All,


I'm new with LabView, currently we're planning to buy NI DAQ USB 6363 to use the analog input to read the value of resistor, capacitor and diode, and use the digital I/O to check the shift register functionality. I want to check if is it possible for NI DAQ USB 6363 to acquire RS232 communication feature because I want to interface barcode reader on it. I will use LabView to log the reading result to database(SQL, Access) to do some data analyzation. Im also confused about NI Test Stand what is the relationship of it to NI LabView? is it another software to install except to LabView?


Thank You,

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No, you do not connect an RS-232 device to the DAQ card. The RS-232 device is connected to the pc. Use a USB->RS-232 converter if your pc does not have a built in port.


TestStand is a test executive that manages tests written in a variety of languages, including LabVIEW. It schedules the tests, determines pass/fail, logs results, creates reports, etc.

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