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Programming Ortec TurboMCS 32

Hi there
this is my first post.
I'm using LV to write a GUI to interface a LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging),and i'm using an MCS pci card to acquire photons from atmosphere.I need to integrate the acquisition in my GUI,but i don't have the MCS programmer's toolkit and i can't afford it.
I'm very new with this,so if someone can help me,even with basic informations,i'll be very grateful.

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HI neo80,

I personally never used an MCS board, but I assume it comes at least with a DLL or library of functions that would allow to program the board from a C-like development environment. If you have this DLL, then all you need to do is to use Call Library Function Nodes in LV. This function is the way you interface with external code in LV.

You can find a detailed user manual by browsing to  Using External Code in LabVIEW



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Hi there,
unfortunately the Ortec's cards have a separate Programmer's Toolkit and you have to pay for it (it includes those DLLs).Please help me Smiley Sad
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Without the dll's and the documentation, you can't do much of anything. I would assume that the card came with an executable program that they expect you to use. There might be a chance that you could interface to that. You can start exe files with the LabVIEW System Exec function but getting data back is often a problem. Can you provide some details on what exactly was provided by the vendor.
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The card come out with an executable program,and the output data it's not a problem because it's possible to export data in Excel format.
The problem is i want to use DLLs to create a more compact and user friendly GUI (This GUI will include azimuth and elevation movement,alignment with step motors,photon acquisition trough the MCS card,and data elaboration).Please help me!!!
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I understand you need help but there's not much that can be done. To control an exe, you've only got a couple of options. If it has a command line interface, you can possibly pass it parameters to start and run it. If it has an ActiveX interface, you could control it that way. You might also try controlling the mouse with a LabVIEW program to start and control the program. None of this is easy and will require a lot of work and some of it, like the ActiveX option, will not be workable unless you get some documentation from the vendor. I have no idea how much the toolkit costs but it sounds like that is the best option. You will then get support from the vendor. If your employer won't pay for it, then you'll have to be satisfied with what you already have. If this is something for school, then maybe the vendor has an educational discount.
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Thanks for your reply,
i will ask the vendor for an educational discount.If it can't apply any discount i'll use the command line...sigh
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