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Procedure Entry Point Error with nidaq32.dll


I am a student at the University of Michigan and am working with a PCI-MIO-16E-4 DAQ Board for a class project. I would prefer to read the board using a C program instead of LabView, but I am having trouble with the libraries(nidaq32.lib & nidex32.lib) included with the DAQ board.

When I run my C program, I get the error: "The procedure entry point could not be located in the dynamic link library nidaq32.dll." I have been unable to find much documentation about this type of error. Any suggestions on what this error is about and how to troubleshoot it? I am using a freeware compiler - Bloodshed Dev-C++, but I have access to gcc and Visual C.

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If the program that you are trying to run is one that you created yourself, then the first thing you should try is a build of one of the NI-DAQ shipping examples that are located in the National Instruments directory you chose. Generally this is located at C:\Program Files\National Instruments\NI-DAQ\Examples\. Read through the documentation on any of the included examples such that you can test whether or not the problem is unique to your code.

Additionally, NI-DAQ is going to require you to be logged on as an Administrator in order to make calls into the dll. Make sure that this holds true for your system.

If you're having problems after trying some of the examples, post back to this thread. If LabVIEW is available to you on a machine to which you can be logged on as an Admin, then you should attempt to run a LabVIEW shipping examples as well. You can find these examples by opening LabVIEW and clicking on Help >> Find Examples. Once in there, browse to Hardware Input and Output >> DAQmx.

If posting back, include some more details about your setup including OS and version of NI-DAQ (version number and selected driver - Traditional NI-DAQ or NI-DAQmx).

Jared A
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I have a similar problem with NI-DAQ and a NI 6601 board. Everything is fine if the user has administrator rights.

Normal user without admin rights  running my VB application or the NI sample code STCeventCount get the error message 48 for file nidaq32.dll. In "Measurements & Automation" the button "Test Panels" for device 6601 is disabled. I have change the user rights for all dlls and the niconfig.daq file without success.

System Information:
Operating System(OS): Microsoft Windows XP
OS Version: 5.01.2600
OS Info: Service Pack 2
Processor:                   Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU 2.80GHz / x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 1 / GenuineIntel / 2800 MHz
Number of Processors: 2
Physical Memory: 1,047,516 KB RAM
Drive C:\ 15,882,940 of 30,732,312 KB free
Drive D:\ 89,285,696 of 125,555,972 KB free

NI Software Information:
NI-DAQ 7.4.0f0
LabVIEW Run-Time 7.0
Measurement & Automation Explorer
Measurement Studio 6.0
     For Visual Basic 
          ActiveX User Interface
          ActiveX Analysis
          ActiveX 3D Graph
          ActiveX DataSocket
          ActiveX DAQ
NI-PAL Software



Carl Zeiss Imaging Solutions GmbH

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Hi Christof,

The user has to have administrative privaledges in order for this to work. Granting administrative access just to the specific dll's will not eliminate the error. Please let me know if you run into any further problems.

Hal L.

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Hi Hal Well that kills my product or I have to look for a different supplier for a TTL counter. I need the user to login with non administrative rights. Is there no other way? Can I use the newer NI-DAQmx driver and a wrapper DLL for VB 6.0 or does this version show the same behaviour? Regards Christof
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Hi Christof,

I looked into this issue further and I think there is a workaround to allow non-administrator users to use National Instruments hardware and software. Here is the link to a knowledgebase with specific instructions: How Do I Allow Restricted and Standard Windows Users To Modify the Active NI-DAQ Configuration File?...

There are a couple of extra steps from the knowledgebase that I would like you to take:

1. Backup your registry before modifying it
2. On step 11: give them access to the entire C:\Program Files\National Instruments folder

Please try this and let me know if you run into any further problems.

Hal L.

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Hi Hal L

I switched to DAQ 8.0, which included some VB 6.0 examples. With this release I do not have these problems any more.




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