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Perspectives on the options for cDAQ Controllers

Our lab is interested in purchasing a cDAQ controller ( So far we've been using serial cDAQ chassis and we now want to purchase a controller for real-time control applications.


I'm new to NI hardware, so I was wondering if the community could throw in some thoughts on the pros/cons of the different options that are available on the link above. I'd like some perspectives on the following aspects:

1. The Controller OS : There seems to be two options, Windows Embedded Standard 7, and NI Linux Real-Time. I find that the devices with Windows Embedded Standard 7 are slightly cheaper than the others. Why is this? What is/are the difference(s) in choosing either option? Is it possible to install another OS on these devices after purchase?

2. Processor Core : The two options here are dual and quad-core . I know I'm being naive here, but what kind of performance improvements can I see with the quad-core options if I'm running a real-time program with no parallel loops?

3. Hard Drive Memory Size : There seems to be a 16 GB and a 32 GB option. Is this the controller's equivalent of a RAM (determining the performance) ? Or is this the equivalent of a hard drive (determining maximum size of program that can be run from the device) ?


I'll be thankful for any guidance, thanks.



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