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PCIe-6363: Labview timeout error reading encoder

Hi all,


I am trying to read the angular position of an encoder using a NI PCIe-6363. The A/B/Z channels all work in NI-MAX. In LabView I have DAQ assist and set up a counter input seen in DAQ assist_setup.PNG. My encoder is 2048 cycles per revolution so I think my choice of '2048' and 'ticks' is correct as well as the encoder type of 'X1' if agreed...

At first I got an error about needing a clock, so I used an external clock but in the analog subsystem of the PCIe-6363, you can see this in the DAQ assist_clock.PNG where I chose the sample clock of an analog input.

When I try to run it with continuous samples I get this timeout error:


Possible reason(s):

Some or all of the samples requested have not yet been acquired.
To wait for the samples to become available use a longer read timeout or read later in your program. To make the samples available sooner, increase the sample rate. If your task uses a start trigger, make sure that your start trigger is configured correctly. It is also possible that you configured the task for external timing, and no clock was supplied. If this is the case, supply an external clock.

Property: RelativeTo
Requested Value: Current Read Position

Property: Offset
Requested Value: 0

Task Name: _unnamedTask<2>


Did I go about the clock wrong, or is does anyone else have a reason for this timeout error? From what I've gathered, folks usually say to just increase the timeout option, but that doesn't work for me. I set it, run the program, move my encoder, and always get this error.



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