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PCI-6723 error code -200020

PCI-6723 error code -200020



      I have installed PCI-6723 on one PC with window XP running on it and it is working fine. Now i want to install it on another PC with same specs as previous PC but it is not working.  PCI-6723 is identified correctly on DAQMX but when i run device self test, following error pops up


error code  = -200020


Kindly tell me what can be possible reasons?



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Re: PCI-6723 error code -200020

One possible reason is that the card got damaged when you moved it. Using proper ESD precautions, I would move it back to the original pc and test it there.
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Re: PCI-6723 error code -200020

Hi Dennis


                I have already tested it on original PC and it is working fine there.It only troubleS me when i connect it to an other PC.




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Re: PCI-6723 error code -200020



That error can indicate that something related to the hardware is damaged.  However, since the card works on your other PC, it would appear that the DAQ card is fine.  I would try the following:


1. Try a different PCI slot on the PC that doesn't work.

2. If step 1 doesn't work, try reinstalling the DAQ driver.




Todd V

National Instruments
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