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PCI-6723 error code -200020



      I have installed PCI-6723 on one PC with window XP running on it and it is working fine. Now i want to install it on another PC with same specs as previous PC but it is not working.  PCI-6723 is identified correctly on DAQMX but when i run device self test, following error pops up


error code  = -200020


Kindly tell me what can be possible reasons?



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One possible reason is that the card got damaged when you moved it. Using proper ESD precautions, I would move it back to the original pc and test it there.
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Hi Dennis


                I have already tested it on original PC and it is working fine there.It only troubleS me when i connect it to an other PC.




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That error can indicate that something related to the hardware is damaged.  However, since the card works on your other PC, it would appear that the DAQ card is fine.  I would try the following:


1. Try a different PCI slot on the PC that doesn't work.

2. If step 1 doesn't work, try reinstalling the DAQ driver.




Todd V

National Instruments
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