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Non-sequential channel task list \Dev0\Port0\Line0,2,1

Is it possible using DAQmx and LabVIEW to create a non-sequential channel task list such as \Dev0\Port0\Line0,2,1 to use as the "task in" to Create Channel ? 

Or does each line number in such cases needs to individually have its Dev and Port prepended as in :

\Dev0\Port0\Line0, \Dev0\Port0\Line2, \Dev0\Port0\Line1 ?


I am aware that \Dev0\Port0\Line0:2 can be done if sequential

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I meant to say 



It seems that an array must be built such as :





and then use DAQmx Flatten Channel String to produce a single string with comma separated lines, each with its device and port prepended.


I found it not possible to include the same line number more than once in the task list, although for analog input that is acceptable.


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To use lines in the order 0,2,1 does not require specifying 

"/Dev0/Port0/Line0, /Dev0/Port0/Line2, /Dev0/Port0/Line1"

Since the last two lines are sequential, it is sufficient to instead just have :

"/Dev0/port1/line0, /Dev0/port1/line2:1" 


as learned by examining the output of DAQmx Flatten Channel String from the array :





I would have hoped/liked/assumed that if DAQmx can accept and figure out how to use a specification of .../line0:2 that it would also be able to take .../line0,2,1 and similarly apply the preceding /Dev and /port specification and apply that to any lines after that.


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