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Ni 9208 Connection


Ni 9208 Connection

I'm trying to connect an AccuEnergy power meter analog output (4-20mA) signal to an existing NI 9208 spare input (AI13).  Attached is the circuit diagram for the meter output (fig. 5-10 left).  The NI 9208 has additional sensors being read on it that are wired as loop powered using Vsup as per page 13 of NI 9208 manual (see attached). 


I assume since the AccuEnergy analog output circuit contains its own VCC, this is only a current measurement case.  I assume I would then connect the meter output (+) signal to AI13 pin, and the meter output (-) signal to one of the COM pins (17 or 18) on the NI 9208.  Is this correct, or should it be connected differently?  Can someone confirm this?    

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Re: Ni 9208 Connection

Hi egh06:


     It seems to be that way, if the power is supplied within the Meter (do you connect the meter to a power supply or does it have a battery or something like that?) you just have to measure the current coming out. And yes the connections should go to an AI pin and to a COM pin. 



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Re: Ni 9208 Connection

Thanks for the feedback.  Yes the meter is connected to a power supply.

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